Arbitrators and Mediators


Arbitration is a growing area of practice and the NSW Bar Association, in an effort to ensure that top quality, independent arbitrators are recognised has prepared a list of approved arbitrators practising at the NSW Bar.  These arbitrators are recognised by the Bar Association as being experts in their field and have undergone specialist training as arbitrators.  Blackstone Chambers has a number of NSW Bar Association approved arbitrators who are prepared to and regularly hear arbitrations across a wide variety of commercial disputes.

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Blackstone Chambers has five mediators accredited under the National Standards for Accreditation of Mediators which came into operation on 1 January 2008 as well as a number of other members who regularly are involved in the mediation of disputes.

Mediation hearing facilities are available at the NSW Bar Dispute Resolution Centre (, the Technology Dispute Centre ( and from time to time at Blackstone Chambers.

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