Shahan Ahmed
Philip Carr
Bruce Connell
Michael Galvin
John Gooley
Malcolm Gracie
Vikram Misra 
Daniel Neggo
David O'Connor
John-Paul Redmond
John Ringrose
Mark Southwick

Construction Law

Members of Blackstone Chambers have developed a strong reputation in the field of Building and Construction Law.  Junior and Senior Counsel practice extensively in this area in all jurisdictions throughout Australia, and understand the technical complexities of such matters which often require expert assessment involving a variety of disciplines. 

Further, our members are well experienced in the various forms of alternative dispute resolution which are involved in construction disputes, including domestic and international arbitrations, expert determination, the “reference” process in various jurisdictions, and the statutory claims process (and the disputes which can arise) pursuant to the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW) and its equivalent in other states.