Ian Young

Admission Year: 1998

Contact Details

From 1 November 2017 at Maurice Byers Chambers
Tel: (+61 2) 8233 0300
E-mail: ian.young@mauricebyers.com

Areas of Practice


Clerk Details

Kristen Sproule

Ian Young

Professional Career

Ian Young is a barrister at Blackstone Chambers.

Examples of Recent Cases

Bamford v FCT(AAT, Full Federal and High Court)

Leppington Pastoral Co Pty Ltd v CCSR (White J)

Metricon v CCSR (White J and Court of Appeal)

Smeaton Grange Pty Ltd v CCSR (White J)

Seovic Engineering v CCSR (Court of Appeal)

Qantas Airways v CCSR (White J)

SCCASP Holdings v FCT (Full Federal Court and special leave)

Allens Asphalt Superannuation Fund v FCT (special leave).


Educational Background

Bachelor of Economics (University of Queensland) 1978,

Bachelor of Laws (University of Queensland) 1982 with First Class Honours, Kidwai Memorial Prize in Administrative Law (1979)

Master of Laws specialising in Taxation Law (University of Sydney) 1987, University of Sydney Foundation Prize in Taxation II (1986)