Michael Inglis

Admission Year: 1979

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Areas of Practice

Tax Compliance
Tax Risk Mitigation
Tax Reviews and Audits
Tax Mediations and Negotiations
Tax Examinations
Tax Investigations
Offshore Tax Arrangements
Income Tax
Goods and Services Tax
Capital Gains Tax
International Tax
Transfer Pricing
Tax Crime

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Kristen Sproule

Michael Inglis

Professional Career

Michael Inglis commenced his professional career at Greenwood, Challoner & Co, Chartered Accountants in 1970-71, dealing with Australian and international tax matters, and estate planning.

In 1972-74, he qualified as a solicitor and worked at Moore & Bevins, Solicitors, on conveyancing, private and public company matters, taxation and estate planning.

Michael was appointed in 1974 as the first Executive Officer of the Interstate Corporate Affairs Commission, establishing and then controlling the Secretariat. He acted as Secretary to both the Commission and the Ministerial Council of Attorneys-General, exercising a liaison function between the two bodies.

From 1976 to 1979, Michael was Reporter and Research Officer to the High Court of Australia, undertaking legal research for the Chief Justice and Justices of the Court.

In 1979, Michael went to the bar and was soon briefed to appear for the Commonwealth, as one of a number of junior counsel for the prosecution in the Social Security Conspiracy Case, at committal and in related Federal Court proceedings.

The committal proceedings ran for years, and Michael became familiar with many aspects of the investigation and prosecution of white collar crime, including physical and electronic surveillance and recording techniques, undercover agents, search warrants and continuity of documents and property, records of interview, informants, scientific document examination, handwriting analysis and the presentation in court of a complex prosecution case involving more than a hundred witnesses and thousands of exhibits.

When capital gains tax was introduced in 1985, Michael co-authored the first book on the subject, followed by two books of his own (please see below).

Between 1985 and 2003, Michael advised on a variety of CGT and other tax issues, to assist taxpayers who ranged from individuals and families through to local and overseas corporations.

When the ATO first published its Compliance Program (that for 2002-03), Michael wrote the book on the subject for taxpayers and their advisers, in which he emphasized the importance of being both strategic and proactive when anticipating or responding to ATO compliance activities (please see below).

In his 2003 book, Michael further emphasized that we all make mistakes, and that any non-compliant taxpayer has a chance to put things right, and redeem themselves in the eyes of the ATO, if they act in time.

Ever since his 2003 book was published, Michael has also been representing and advising (both compliant and non-compliant) taxpayers, in order to mitigate any adverse consequences to those taxpayers of potential or actual compliance activities by the ATO (or by its partner law enforcement and other agencies in Task Forces such as Project Wickenby).

Those potential or actual compliance activities have related to the income tax, GST, CGT, superannuation, international or other federal tax or duty obligations of the relevant taxpayers.

Michael’s work since 2003 has included repeated dealings and negotiations with the ATO (and, if relevant, those partner agencies), and also related proceedings, such as:

  • Representing and advising taxpayers in strategic (and proactive) tax risk mitigation
  • Representing and advising taxpayers in voluntary disclosures of tax shortfalls to the ATO, either before or after ATO compliance contact
  • Guiding and assisting with prudential (or taxpayer-initiated) risk reviews and audits, either before or after ATO compliance contact
  • Representing and advising taxpayers in ATO preliminary risk reviews, specific risk reviews and comprehensive risk reviews
  • Representing and advising taxpayers in ATO specific issue audits, comprehensive audits, complex audits and special audits
  • Representing and advising taxpayers in ATO investigations
  • Representing and advising taxpayers in mediations with the ATO
  • Representing and advising taxpayers in negotiations with the ATO
  • Representing and advising taxpayers in s264 compulsory examinations by the ATO
  • Representing and advising taxpayers in co-operating with, or providing assistance to, the ATO or its partner agencies
  • Enabling taxpayers to safely disentangle themselves from offshore tax avoidance and evasion arrangements, including the dismantling of the relevant offshore structures and the repatriation of the relevant funds to Australia
  • Representing and advising taxpayers in asset freezing proceedings
  • Representing and advising taxpayers at risk of prosecution, in order to minimize that risk.

Publications and Presentations

Australian Wills Precedents, 3rd Edition, 1980, Butterworths (co-author with The Honourable Francis Charles Hutley)

Real Estate Investment Decisions: The Impact of 1985 Tax Changes, 1985, CCH Australia Limited (co-author with Craig Miller)

Australian Capital Gains Tax, 1986, Butterworths (co-author with Gordon S Cooper)

Capital Gains Tax for Solicitors, 1989, The College of Law

Inglis on Capital Gains Tax, 1990, The College of Law

Avoiding Tax Penalties & Criminal Charges: A Compliance Alert for Taxpayers and Their Advisers, 2003, Taxability.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts (The University of Sydney) 1969

Bachelor of Laws (Hons 1) (The University of Sydney) 1972

Master of Laws (Hons 1) (The University of Sydney) 1977.