Blackstone Chambers seeks to recruit promising new barristers as Readers.

We consider all of our readers as potential members; it is in our interests as well as theirs to ensure solid professional development and satisfaction. The usual period of readership is 12 months commencing at the time of the New South Wales Bar Association's Bar Practice Courses.

Successful applicants must read with a member of Chambers and are encouraged to read with one other barrister outside Blackstone Chambers.

Blackstone Chambers provides practical support to its readers, including accomodation during the 12 months of readership and access to an extensive library. Blackstone Chambers has an 'open door' policy and encourages readers to draw upon the depth and breadth of our members' professional experience.

Further enquiries and applications to read on at Blackstone Chambers may be directed to our Acting Clerk, Kristen Sproule.  Applications should include a covering letter with a CV, including the applicant's academic history.

A committee of members will review all applications received, and will ask the Clerk to contact applicants should an interview be required.