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Simon Couper QC
Peter Gray SC
Donald Grieve QC
Frank Lever SC
John Whittle SC
Shahan Ahmed
Rabih Alkadamani
Sue Chrysanthou
Bruce Connell
Graham Connolly
Adam Gerard
Robert Glasson
John Gooley
Phillipa Gormly
Malcolm Gracie
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Real Property, Equity and Succession

All members of Blackstone Chambers have a solid grounding in the principles and remedies of equity, as well as the related principles and remedies arising from legislation, such as the Contracts Review Act and the Australian Consumer Law. At Blackstone Chambers, our barristers pride themselves in their knowledge of these complex areas of law, as well as their ability to conduct the complex cases that arise in equity. 

Blackstone Chambers has a number of members that regularly practice in the areas of real property in all the courts of NSW.  Their experience ranges from the simplest suburban disputes to disputes arising from the most complex property transactions.

In recent years the Succession and Estate Planning areas of law have grown dramatically and as a result, so has their importance.  Blackstone Chambers is fortunate to have a number of members with experience in disputes under the Succession Act 2006 and the Property (Relationships) Act 1984 and general disputes arising from wills and probate litigation.  Our members are also aware of the importance of considering all ways of resolving such disputes, including alternative dispute resolution.