Shahan Ahmed

Admission Year: 2008

Contact Details

Now at P.G. Hely Chambers: Level 9, 75 Elizabeth St, Sydney

Tel: (+61 2) 9224 9772
Fax: (+61 2) 9224 9711

Areas of Practice

Building & Construction
Insurance and Property


Clerk Details

Kristen Sproule

Shahan Ahmed

Professional Career

Shahan was a solicitor for 10 years prior to coming to the Bar in 2008, having worked at Baker & McKenzie and Watson Mangioni.

Shahan is currently on the panel of barristers for a number of insurers incluing Insurance Australia Group (IAG), Vero Insurance for general insurance and product liability matters and the NSW Government's Building Insurers' Guarantee Corporation (BIG Corp) for building insurance cases.

In recent times, Shahan has appeared in a variety of Supreme Court, Federal Court and District Court trials both unled and as junior; some examples of which are set out below. Shahan also appeared in hearings in the CTTT and ADT. 

Examples of Recent Cases

A v N (2012) Shahan appeared unled for the defendant in a 10 day trial in the NSW Supreme Court before Ward J. Equity - Incapacity - Unconscionable Conduct - Undue Influence - Contracts Review Act

Kazar (in his capacity as the liquidator of Techno Build Developments Pty Ltd) v Kargarian 284 ALR 237; (2011) 197 FCR 113.  Shahan, led by Angela Bowne SC appeared for the respondents in the Full Federal Court before Greenwood, Rares and Foster JJ.  Insolvency - Unfair Preference - Uncommercial Transaction - Costs - Pre Judgment interest.

Kazar (in his capacity as the liquidator of Frontier Architects Pty Ltd) (in liquidation) v Kargarian & Anor (2010) 81 ACSR 158. Shahan appeared unled for the defendants in a five day trial before Flick J in the Federal Court in Canberra. He successfully defended a $2million unfair preference claim by the liquidator.

Zhao v Goodman [2011] FCA 1438. Shahan sucessfully appeared for the Respondent, instructed by the Building Insurers' Guarantee Corporation (BIGCorp) before   Nicholas J in the Federal Court. Bankruptcy - home warranty insurance appeal.

Towler v JMCT Pty Ltd [2011] NSWSC 1370. Shahan successfully appeared for the appellant instructed by Insurance Australia Group (IAG) in an appeal from a Local Court Magistrate's decision on a motor accident matter. The appeal was in relation to an error of law for a failure to give reasons.

Sward v Williams [2011] (District Court Judgment) 841/ 2010 Shahan sucessfully appeared for one of the defendants in a four day trial before Judge Rolfe in proceedings seeking to recover monies said to be loaned to an individual rather than a company.

Mastronardo v Lin 2011/92021 (Local Court   Judgment) instructed by IAG - successfully appeared for the defendant in a motor vehicle accident matter

The Owners - Strata Plan 58360 v Building Insurers' Guarantee Corporation (2011) 270868/ 2005 5 day hearing before Justice Hammerschlag - settled at Hearing - instructed by BIGCorp

Fleming v David Price Building Services Pty Ltd [2011] NSWCTTT 616 -  Shahan appeared for the builder in a 4 day hearing defending a defective works claim

Educational Background

BCom/LLB University of NSW 1998